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With its proportionately large brain and long, swift legs the Velociraptor was able to outrun and outsmart most of its prey.  Because of these special attributes, it was also able to avoid being dinner for most of its predators.  Instead, the Velociraptor used its cunning, speed, and ability to work in packs to hunt down prey of its own.  The Velociraptor was well equipped with many weapons: it had a long, flat snout of saw-like, razor sharp teeth, lower down were its grasping hands, which ended in three sharp claws on each hand.  Unlike the Tyranasaurus Rex, whose hands appeared to have no use, the Velociraptor's were deadly weapons as well as useful tools.  Most likely its most deadly weapon was its sickle-like claw, measuring about three inches, on the inner toe of each foot.  This long claw was attached to a strong tendon, allowing the creature to strike the claw down on its prey extremely fast.
The Velociraptor has been proven to have been one of the most intelligent dinosaurs of its time, which allowed it to avoid predators as well as be a succesful one itself.  It also used its great speed to its advantage. Also, being as small as it was, its ability to work in groups was very important.  Alone, Velociraptors would not have been as successful at hunting down the prey that they did and, instead, would have had to be satisfied with stealing the eggs of other dinosaurs.