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Most people's familiarity of the Velociraptor comes from the famous movie Jurassic Park.  The filmmakers took great liberties in making the Velociraptor two times bigger than its actual known size.  At the time, this was thought to be unscientific, however, after the first film was released a dinosaur of the same type, Utahraptor, was discovered and was even bigger than the virtual Velociraptor. The Velociraptor was a bipedal (meaning it moved on two legs) carnivore that stood at around two meters tall. It had large eyes and probably had three dimensional vision.  Proportionately, the Velociraptor is believed to have had one the largest brains of any dinosaur.  It's estimated weight was between 7 kg and 15 kg.  It is believed by some that the Velociraptor was covered by fur or feathers.  From the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail was about two meters.  Thirty very sharp teeth filled a long S shaped snout.  The Velociraptor had 4 sharp claws on its thin, very strong, legs.  It also had 3 claws on each hand.  An interesting and unique attribute of the Velociraptor was its "killing claw".  This claw was an extremely sharp hooked claw, about 5 inches long, located on the inside toe of each foot.  It was controlled by a very tight tendon.  When the animal walked or ran, the claw was held upward.  When it attacked, the tendon tightened, causing the claw to come down with great force; inflicting a most likely deadly wound.