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       The full scientific name of this creature is Velociraptor Mongoliensis, or "Mongolian speedy thief".  The Velociraptor was first described by Henry F. Osborn in 1924.  The Velociraptor was originally dubbed Ovoraptor Djadochtari by Osborn.  The classification of dinosaurs is a subject of active debate among paleontologists.  Several alternative classification taxonomies exist for the Velociraptor.  The taxonomy I am presenting here seems to be the one most widely in use.  Velociraptor is a member of Class Dinosauria, Order Saurischia, Suborder Theropoda, Infra order Deinonychosauria.  The closest relatives of the Velociraptor were the Deinonychus (Deinonychus Antirrophus) and the Saurornitholestes (Saurornitholestes Langstoni).  The Deinonychus, of course, was much closer to the dinosaur called "Velociraptor" in the movie Jurassic Park.  A living decendant to the Velociraptor is believed to be the Emu or the Ostrich.